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What Comes First the Chicken Or The Egg When it comes to Outsourcing?

What Comes First the Chicken Or The Egg When it comes to Outsourcing?

If you are too busy in your business to outsource but you know you need help what is the best strategy for moving forward?

I work with a lot of business people at different stages in their business.

They know they need help and do need to hire someone but they don’t have time to even think about what steps need to be implemented, let alone carry out those steps and sometimes they are afraid to make the financial commitment to hiring a full time person.

One client I know wanted to set up all of her technical systems first before hiring a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. In theory this makes perfect sense. Then she wanted to make sure she had enough money before moving forward with recruiting someone, which also makes perfect sense. Then she lost a major client and put the whole outsourcing idea on hold.

Soon after, she picked up some new clients, is now completely run off her feet again and is desperate to start outsourcing again.

At the time I first stated consulting with her I recommended that she put someone on then and there, when she was first inspired and motivated. I recommended for her not to worry that her systems were not all set up and perfect.

I also recommended that she make the financial investment in hiring a person and that the sooner she starts working with someone the sooner she will free up some aspects of her time to keep growing her business.

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I told her that with the right person on board the two of them could start working on the business systems together, over screen share. That the virtual assistant could sit there, initially on screen share, and watch her implement and work in her business, and get to know her and her business.

Exactly like learning on the job. And that as she went along with the virtual assistant still on screen share, she could record what she was doing on screen capture software and develop the systems on the fly, in real time. Training the virtual assistant all the while, who is sitting there watching and learning.

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I also recommended that instead of hiring a part time person that she would get the best results hiring a full time team member. The reason for this is that when you invest in a full time person, they in turn will invest in you.

They become more reliable and more loyal and don’t have to juggle multiple employers in order to make a living. With someone on board for the long term you can invest in his or her education and training as well as productivity and most importantly invest in the relationship.

I recommended that when you make that financial commitment it forces you to become more organized, work faster and smarter, get out of your comfort zone and that things will start to happen.

Despite all of my recommendations I could not convince her. She ended up putting the brakes on, and now months down the track she is still at square one facing the same problem of being over worked and not having enough time. Yes she saved herself some money by not starting, but at the expense of gaining momentum.

Sometimes in your business you just have to trust. You have to give up control and the idea that all the ducks have to be lined up in a row before you start outsourcing.

If you do what you have always done which is try and do everything yourself, from sales to operations to admin and marketing, it is a recipe for stagnation and in many cases regression.

The purpose of outsourcing is to free up your time, serve more customers and create more profits. The definition of a business is: An organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for one another or for money. Every business requires some form of investment and enough customers to whom its output can be sold on a consistent basis on order to make a profit. This definition comes from

If you find yourself in this situation where you know you need to outsource. If you have a dream of growing your business or you simply don’t want to be in a position where you are doing everything in your business yourself, I hope this article has helped you.

Start outsourcing now. Start outsourcing today. Invest in your outsourcing education. Outsourcing is not going anywhere. More and more companies are getting on board. Serving their customers better and helping more and more customers cost effectively.

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  • Systematise your business ready for leverage, growth and further outsourcing

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