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Virtual Assistant Productivity Sustainability Program

This service is for you if :

Have a virtual assistant or a remote team from the Philippines.
Have found that over time their productivity has been declining.
Have found that their daily activity does not produce a return on investment or that there are grey areas which you wish to uncover and eliminate regarding productivity.
Are happy with their productivity and you wish to make sure it stays that way.
Would like your virtual assistant to undergo some additional training in new skills or current performance.
Would value ongoing monthly productivity auditing, training and accountability support for yourself as the business owner.

What you get as part of the program?

Excellent Productivity from your virtual assistant or your virtual team.
Value for money.
A return on your investment.
PLUS communication coaching, accountability and forward monthly planning for yourself as the business owner.
A feeling of prosperity for yourself.
A feeling of being supported.


What you get as part of the program?

Fortnightly one on one discussions focusing on creating improved communication, action steps, monthly goal setting to keep yourself and your virtual assistant accountable.


What you risk by not joining?

Disappointing outcomes.
Wasting time and money.
The chance of not learning what are the best practises for managing remote team members.
Not being able to spot the difference between when to invest in your new team member and when to let them go and find someone else.

3-month minimum commitment (and I understand if you want to extend that to an ongoing basis due to the great results that you will be getting).

Conveniently billed via Integra Pay on a monthly basis.

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