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Go To Outsource specialises in helping your business identify profitable and productive strategies for outsourcing to the Philippines. Our service extends beyond just recruitment to building systems for outsourcing, training and management of full time virtual team members.

Angela De Palma has been outsourcing successfully since 2010

I take a holistic approach and cover every aspect of successful outsourcing.

My mission is to help you get back your time, freedom and identify ways to create leverage in your business.

My systems are proven and have taken me years to develop through trial and error and countless hours of recruiting and managing remote team members.

I help you with the following:

  1. Identifying the best tasks to outsource
  2. Setting up systems effectively and efficiently
  3. Setting up the right software from the start
  4. Recruitment of the best candidate
  5. Providing you with templates, contracts and processes to shortcut the process
  6. Providing you with ongoing support post recruitment to make sure you get a return on your time and investment.

My systems include:

  • templates
  • contracts, and best practises across communication
  • building systems for outsourcing
  • software and automation
  • recruiting
  • and ongoing productivity management.

My clients come from diverse industries and turn to outsourcing for different reasons.

Some of the industries include:

  • Legal
  • Social Media and Marketing
  • real estate and commercial property
  • Seminar Promotors
  • Sales Professionals
  • Book Keepers
  • E commerce
  • Medical
  • Software Development
  • Mining and Major Projects
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