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“I run a fashion agency in Australia called Kingdom Come and used to find me a personal/virtual assistant. Her name is Pam and she has been with me for over a year now.

She is absolutely wonderful and helped me grow my business from strength to strength. Having her has given me the opportunity to work on my goals for the business instead of being dragged into the day to day.

She is part of my team now and grows with me as the business grows. We communicate daily through email and Skype and is there ALWAYS when I need her most.

The tasks she does is all my administration work, she does email marketing, contacting new and existing clients, research to build my database, sets up meetings for me. Whatever I ask she does.

This is the first time I have tried outsourcing and it was a huge success. I tell all my friends that own business’s thy should get a Pam, it will change your life for the better.”

- Sharna Aquilina

Owner, Kingdom Come Fashion Agency

“My Expect A Miracle business was growing and to support my part time support person I was in need of a full time Personal Assistant(PA) to handle the load of general administration; transcription of video stories; website uploading of testimonials, new stories, videos; creating weekly member emails on Mail Chimp with links to articles, videos and webcasts; YouTube loading and migrations and all those other things a great PA does.
My wife Dr Judy Hinwood is also growing a new business Mind Your Life which was also facing the same growth hurdles. She also needed extra help.

A good friend suggested outsourcing and recommended Angela De Palma as an expert in this area who would be able to find us just the right person and her service came with a 3 months guarantee of satisfaction. Having been in business for 35 years you soon know if a new team member is ‘cutting the mustard’ within 90 days.

We met with Angela and she took a detailed description of exactly what we needed from our new PA. The slight difference here was that we were hiring a Virtual Assistant(VA) who was living in the Philippines, and probably someone we may never meet in person.

Our part time PA we were using and continue to use is in another state in Australia. We very successfully use email and phone to communicate on a day to day basis. So we thought why not do it in another country?

Instead of phone we use Skype and sometimes our VA will use Team Viewer to take charge of something on our computers. A Drop Box is extremely useful also for large items over the net.

We are extremely happy with our VAs work ethic, quality of work, knowledge of English, general skill level, output and her friendly attitude. And of course, the price is right.”

- Dr John Hinwood

Founder of Expect A Miracle School

“Dear Angela, You are a god send ! Thank you so much for walking me through oDesk and sharing your accumulated wisdom.Thanks to you, I can confidently tap into the incredible human resources available through the internet.

Your not only an excellent coach/mentor, you are a great strategist as well and gave me plenty of excellent ideas, to make sure I get the required result.”

- Peter J Thornton

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