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Go To Outsource Recruitment Package

This service is for you if :

You are ready to engage a full-time team member from the Philippines into your business.
You have enough full-time work to cover 40 hours’ worth of work.
You are looking for a long term working relationship.

In this package, you engage me to find you a suitable virtual assistant with the right attitude and skill set based on your customised requirements.

In 80% of cases one round of recruitment is adequate and the process takes about 2 – 3 weeks, but in some cases, it can take more than one round and hence the time frame can take longer.

The investment for this service starts from $1000 and this includes:

One round of recruitment.
Assistance with, consultation and advice around what to outsource.
How to set up systems effectively.
Which software to set up.

Each round of recruitment involves:

• writing/amending the job description
• creating the test assessment
• going through all applications
• short listing applicants
• making contact and initial interviews
• sending test assessment
• reviewing test assessment
• final round of short listing
• setting up initial trial of applicants

Subsequent rounds of recruitment are charged at $500 per round where I repeat the above until we are successful.

Once we find you a suitable team member you become their direct employer and pay the team member directly. You can expect to be paying $200 per week for a full-time person that works from home in the Philippines.

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