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Are You Getting A Return On Investment On Your Outsourcing?

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The benefits of outsourcing to the Philippines are many fold and some of the obvious ones include:

Gaining back your valuable time by not spending it on low value tasks
The ability to add more value to your clients
Cost savings

Initially Outsourcing was pitched as being just about cost savings however this is not the case. There are many reasons people outsource in the first place.

Some of the common reasons business owners come to me to set up outsourcing include:

They are time poor, working long hours and feel like their work life is out of their control. One client was so busy that he did not have time to invoice twenty thousand dollars worth of work he had completed.

They have finally reached a point where they are simply too busy to wear all of the hats in their business and need to start delegating.

They work full time and have side entrepreneurial projects they don’t have time to progress.

One client had recently had a baby and no longer had time to work full time in her business herself.

They don’t have the technical skills required to perform certain activities in their business such as writing or other technical tasks do with websites and marketing.

After having had a strong motivator to set up the outsourcing in the first place and going through the process of hiring a skilled team member, clients come to me with the problem that they don’t feel they are getting the return on investment from their outsourcing efforts.

Ultimately this is because the management of a remote team member is a skill set the business owner does not know how to implement for maximum productivity.

Some of the triggers or red flags when things are not going so well include:
I have no idea how they spend their time
I ask for reports and don’t get them
They resist going on a time tracker
At the end of the day not much has been accomplished
I don’t know where they are when I contact them
They still don’t understand after I have explained a task
They make the same mistake over and over again
They resist working set hours and what to work on a flexible arrangement

When I drill deeper into their situation by asking key questions what I discover is that the working relationship with their remote team member has not been set up correctly from that start.

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This is mostly the reason outsourcing falls apart and the other reason is because the team member does not have a good attitude, is too slow and we can’t get them up to speed or they simply don’t comprehend quickly enough to impact the tasks.

So the questions I ask you if you are experiencing some problems with your remote team member are:

Have you implemented time tracking software?
Have you set specific work hours?
How do you communicate the tasks to your remote team member?
Do you create screen capture videos for training?
Do you have a regular face to face catch up over Skype once a week?
Have you set daily, weekly and monthly key performance indicators with your remote team member?
Have you set up transparency so you can check in real time the progress of a task?
Do you have Skye installed on your smart phone?
How often do you have to repeat the same instructions?
Does your team member make the same mistakes over and over?

Excellent communication, transparency and tracking are the key elements for successful management of a remote team member. Without this you are stabbing in the dark and hoping for the best.

What I create for you if you engage me to help you, is a quality professional relationship that has been set up correctly from the start. This includes monitoring and tracking just like anything else to do with money and business.

Hiring a team member from the Philippines may be cheaper but the output is not cheap. It is of a high standard, when set up correctly. You as the business owner will get to experience time, freedom and leverage and you will not be in a position where you are having to micro manage the person.

The thing about outsourcing is that it is never entirely set and forget. Someone has to check time sheets and output to make sure it is on track. Tweaking is often required.

So once I have asked you the above questions that next thing I do is work out where does the problem lie? Is it in the way things have been set up which includes your communication or is it with the team member.

A common question I get a lot is should I keep investing in this person.

The answer to this varies and can only be answered on a case by case basis.

So if you are struggling with your remote team member please get in touch by calling me for an initial discovery discussion on 0414707751.

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