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Case Study For Social Media Managers: Discover how to improve the productivity of your virtual assistant from the Philippines.

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Social Media Managers: Discover how to improve the productivity of your virtual assistant from the Philippines.
One of my clients is a very talented social media manger who initially engaged me to source her a virtual assistant to help her get her time back.
I went through the recruitment process and we hired a candidate. My client proceeded to train her and get her up to speed with her daily and weekly tasks.
Never having hired or managed anyone before she gave in when her team member declined using the time tracker. She went against my advice on this one and let her new team member have her way.
Things were going pretty well and the months passed and her investment in the team member grew. More and more she became a trusted resource on many levels.
The red flags started waving however, when it became apparent that well after her probation her speed and getting through the work did not improve. Her daily tasks were often not completed.
This impacted her ability to be able to take on more responsibly such as the planning of the posts and other tasks.
So the team member ultimately was not evolving in speed and responsibility and forcing my client to remain static and slightly behind with her client posts.
The key questions I asked my client were “Do you feel your team member is capable of taking on more responsibility? Do you feel after having worked with her over the last six months that you want to keep investing in her?”
My client was certain that the virtual assistant was worth keeping.
She felt that she had a good grasp on how to perform key tasks and that her communication and attitude were good.
On this basis we set about to implement the following:
Time tracking software
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Involvement in the vision of the business and most importantly my clients vision for the evolution of the team member’s role. This included her taking on more responsibility and ultimately becoming a manager of other team members down the track.
Better communication and key performance indicators around the daily tasks and speed of her work.
Setting better and more realistic work hours.
We set these measures in place and then monitored them over a period of a couple of months  and found to my client’s success, that the team member actually did improve, came up to speed and started taking on more responsibility.
So the investment in her paid off and continues to pay off, and my client is very happy and is able to start developing new packages and plans to scale her business, thanks to outsourcing.
The key takeaway is that unfortunately there is never a point where you can completely take the finger off the pulse.
Outsourcing is not a set and forget strategy.
If you don’t have time to manager your virtual assistant I have packages that can take this important job off your hands.
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