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I have been outsourcing professionally since 2010.

My achievements in the industry include:

  • Started my recruitment company in 2011. Was an early adopter in the industry and am a part of, and have seen the industry evolve to what it is today.
  • I am a top recruiter, successfully worked with over 100 clients many of which still employ the same person I recruited for them since 2012.
  • Launched many clients into their very first outsourced team member, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars thanks to outsourcing.
  • Have conducted hundreds and hundreds of interviews with candidates from the Philippines, Eastern Europe, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and USA.
  • Have run a tele-marketing agency using team members from the Philippines.
  • Am a professional and public speaker on outsourcing.
  • Have personally generated $3K per month thanks to outsourcing from 1 client using a telesales virtual assistant from the Philippines.
  • Run 1 day seminars on outsourcing and now offer an online outsourcing training course on the different outsourcing models and how to be successful when it comes to setting up remote teams.
  • Run webinar trainings on outsourcing
  • Am an outsourcing consultant and trainer

My consulting services help you in all aspects of outsourcing, training, recruitment and systems.

Call us today and find out if our services are a fit for growing your business. If you are doing tasks yourself that you could delegate to someone in the Philippines for $5.00 an hour, call immediately. We are committed and look forward to helping your business grow and thrive.

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